6 Nights in Swedish Lapland

After our successful trip last year, we’re headed back to Swedish Lapland for a winter wonderland retreat for what promises to be the journey of a lifetime. We will take you on a journey through snow-filled forests, over frozen lakes and to open skies with thousands of stars and if we’re lucky, dancing auroras too. You will meet reindeer, ride through the forest on horseback and go on an exhilarating ride lead by a pack of huskies.

All your needs will be taken care of – you just need to bring an open mind, a sense of adventure and warm clothes!


£1500pp (Paired discount is £1280pp for a shared room)

Activities, meals, accommodation & transfers provided

27th December - 2nd January 2018

Group: 5-8 persons

Suitable for solo travellers, couples & small groups

In this retreat we travel to Swedish Lapland, part of Europe’s last surviving wilderness and home to its only indigenous people, the Sami. Swedish Lapland is the land of eight seasons, the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun – a place of incredible and dramatic natural beauty.

DAYS 1-2

Guided hikes across lush wintery landscapes

We arrive from the UK on the first day and settle in. Everyone will get a little information pack and itiniery on what will be happening over the next six nights. If you’re not too tired, we’ll try and keep an eye out for the auroras the night we arrive!

On the morning of day 2, we’ll be going out for a hike to nearby forests. We’ll have a small bite to eat at the famous Kusfors restaurant* (they have a steam train parked outside!). The last time we went there, we were treated to freshly poached salmon courtesy of the extremely hospitable Julia.

As we settle back into our house for the first night, we’ll start up a campfire outside and do some aurora spotting (keep your flasks handy).

*optional extra

  • Guided hikes with two team leaders
  • Northern lights spotting by a campfire
  • Enjoy locally cooked Swedish food

DAYS 3-4

Sledding with Siberian huskies and riding Icelandic horses

We’re going to visit our friends Micheal and Flo who have a farm near Svansele where they rear beautiful Icelandic horses. You’ll get a chance to learn about how they look after them day to day and we’ll get a chance to go for a ride along the nearby valleys.

On the way back, we’ll visit a nearby foodbank initiative that the locals use where you can drop off some money into a storehouse and collect organic vegetables grown nearby. Why not pick a few things up to cook back at our house? (Did we mention we have a fully stocked kitchen at your disposal?)

On day 4, we’ll be visiting the famous huskies of Swedish Lapland. You’ll get to learn about how their pack follow instructions and function throughout the harsh winters of the north. We’ll get a chance to go on a quick ride around and then enjoy some traditional Swedish coffee over a fire.

  • Ride beautiful Icelandic horses
  • Visit a local organic vegetable bank
  • Husky sledding

DAYS 5-6

Meet a sami reindeer farm and do some astrophotography

Most of the deer in Swedish Lapland are looked after by the Sami people. We’ll learn about the work as a reindeer herder and gain insight into the Sámi lifestyle, from nomadic history until today.

We have some time left to go aurora hunting again and visit a nearby bird sanctuary that has been frozen over for winter.

For photography enthusiasts, we can try our hand at a little astrophotography by the house as we spend our last night having a shared cooked meal together.

  • Visit a deer farm
  • Astrophotography sessions
  • Shared meal on our final night


Here are a few other things we’ll be doing

We’ll be running group painting sessions, as well some basic photography workshops where we’ll be trying out photography techniques in the snow. Suitable across all levels, froom beginners to professionals.

All guests are encouraged to bring one personal activity with them. Something they’ve wanted to do with their alone time but haven’t been able to start at home. Last year, we had a few people who started journalling, sketching and some brought a book to read. There are ample moments to switch off and have alone time alongside all the busy group activities.

We also have a cinema room in the house, so we’ll have film screenings in the evening.

The house also has a sauna that you’ll be able to use any time of the day. We have linen and towels at your disposable throughout your trip.

  • Group painting sessions
  • Film screenings
  • Photography workshops

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